Trevor Young

Growing up in the cultural Mecca of Washington, DC, Trevor Young discovered the work of Richard Diebenkorn, James McNeil Whistler, and the Aschcan School at an early age. He infused his work with their unique perception of atmosphere, marked by a strong inner geometry and deft treatment of the urban landscape. He was also visually attracted to, and inspired by, post-industrial cityscapes like Cleveland, Philadelphia and Richmond.

Young's large-scale oil paintings pit awkwardness and elegance against each other, imbuing his realistic renderings with elements of distress and loss. Drawing from a nostalgic liminal realm, he fills his paintings with metaphorical imagery and historical puns. He is drawn to airports and fleabag motels as emblems of the cauldron of humanity.

Young received his B.F.A in 2005 from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. His work has exhibited at numerous museums and galleries in the U.S. He currently lives and works in Washington DC.

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