Gary Baseman
"For the Love of Toby"
May 14 through June 18, 2005

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Toby is your shadow. Your mirror. Your best friend in the whole wide world. He can smell your fear. He is addicted to your insecurity. He knows how to push your buttons. He is no Teacher’s Pet. He loves you. He truly loves you. Toby will make his debut at Billy Shire Fine Arts May 14-June 18, 2005 when artist Gary Baseman unveils his latest foray into the world of pervasive art, For the Love of Toby.

The exhibition features Toby and his all-knowing eye in a number of mediums, including wood panel paintings, vintage photographs, ephemera, and most intriguingly, as a plush pleather toy and a vinyl figure. For the Love of Toby pushes Baseman’s talents further into the realm of fine art while still embracing what Baseman calls pervasive art. According to Baseman, pervasive artists use every outlet at their means – art galleries, print, TV, film, lecture halls, and even commerce – to infuse their vision deeper into the fabric of contemporary life. The strength of the art is not based on where the art is seen, but based on the esthetic and message.

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