Christopher Ulrich

Feed the World With Your Blood and The Spirit Grows From a Wound

Four weeks before hanging this show, while en route to the framer, the painting selected as the showcard image flew from the back of the artist's pick-up truck and into a wave of oncoming traffic. Dozens of vehicles drove and skidded over it for half an hour before it was retrieved -in tatters- from the roadside.

The painting, titled "Feed the World with Your Blood," had just been photographed for use as the show card image so Christopher had a visible record of what it had looked like before it was destroyed. Thinking quickly, he contacted a journeyman printer to press a single edition giclee on canvas. Ulrich decided to repaint the original on top of the canvas giclee, choosing also to add a few elements not originally present. It was important that this image be the anchor of the show, but it was also important that all pieces be unique works of art.

He also turned his attention back to the original painting. It was indeed damaged, but not to the extent that he had initially suspected. He removed the wood stretcher bars and underwent the process of reassembling the torn canvas using pieces from the top and botttom, and salvaging strips from every corner of his studio. He was able to extend the overall height of the piece and include elements that would not have fit in the space originally allowed. He mounted the newly assembled painting on wood panel and retitled it, "The Spirit Grows From a Wound."
One amazing piece has yielded two, and an incredible tale along with them.

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