Myron Conan Dyal

Myron Conan Dyal is a modern mystic, classically trained musician, and a self-taught Southern California artist. When he was four years old he awoke from a three month long coma, which his parents believed to be caused by demon possession. At that point, he says his mind was erased, his visions began, and he had epilepsy.

Dyal has spiritual visions that are the catalysts for the vast oeuvre of his work that spans nearly three decades and includes more than 6,000 drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Dyal’s imagery is primal, dark, and folkloric. He uses papier-mâché to create life sized sculpture, because its immediacy accommodates his urgency to see his objects in three-dimensional form. His figurative and organic forms are derived from visions he experienced during epileptic seizures and self-induced trances that have aided him in dealing with his condition. Dyal’s drawings, paintings, and sculptures illustrate alternate realms filled with archetypal figures and places that have littered human consciousness for centuries. They take us through the darkest forests into the depths of their imaginations where we see tricksters, soothsayers, mystics, and guardians as we walk through Elysian Fields and trespass in the underworld. “My prolific production of art, secret for many years has only recently been available for viewing by the outside world and to this day it is unclear how my visions and epilepsy are related to one another. However, the years of pain and conflict that ensued from decades of “hiding” has taken it’s toll on me and the art that I have produced is finally allowing me to heal” states Dyal.

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primordial images book
Primordial Images of a Modern Mystic
by Myron Conan Dyal
Soft cover, 11" x 9"
112 pages, 150+ color images
ISBN-10: 0977169650
ISBN-13: 9780977169658
Publisher: Grand Central


The imagery of Myron Conan Dyan is derived from the visions he experienced during epileptic seizures and self- induced trances he encountered on his spiritual journey to come to grips with his lifelong struggle with his epilepsy and its stigma. Usually figurative or organic, his artwork is overwhelmingly dark and haunting, and obviously created with obsession and compulsion. He uses papier- mache to create his sculpture, in large part, because its immediacy accommodates his urgency to see his objects in three- dimensional form. A classically trained musician and telecommunications executive, Dyan kept his prolific production of art secret for many years -- only showing it to family and a few close friends until going public in 2005. The 18 paintings, 12 drawings, and 20 sculptures featured in this book are drawn from his vast ouvre of more than 5,000 artworks spanning nearly three decades. Mostly color, some b&w.