new paintings and drawings by
oberservations on the soft Underbellies of mostly pillowy girls

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Notoriety in comics lead to a lot of opportunities in other fields... among them:

• Fine art books- Dave continues his long relationship with Seattle's Fantagraphics Books, with two deluxe hardcover
editions of his oil paintings and drawings, "Overbite" and "Underbelly"; and with new unusual editions in the works.

• Animation- Simpsons creator Matt Groening spotted Dave's comics and signed him on as a lead conceptual
designer on Futurama. Dave also produced a handful of short animated pieces for a variety of clients around that
time. After taking an extended break from animation, he's now gearing up to make a more personal short art film,
with an award-winning German animation firm.

• Toys- in 2002 Dave collaborated with an unproven toy manufacturer to make deluxe designer toys based on some
of his characters. This impulsive pairing lead to some immaculate toys, and what is now the finest designer toy
company in North America, Critterbox Toys. Dave and Critterbox are continuing their collaboration, with two
projects in the works, and several more in the conceptual stage.

And most importantly,

• Painting- since he was a teenager repeatedly ogling Klimt's "Hope" in his hometown's gallery, Dave has wanted to
be a painter. The most tenacious recurring theme in Dave's paintings is the flesh of his figures- almost exclusively
thick, substantial women, or what he calls "pillowy girls". Dave uses multiple fine glazes to achieve a sublime
luminescence that can give his figures an unsettling presence.

When galleries and collectors quickly began taking a serious interest in Dave's fine art, he decided to go whole
hog-- he's taken an 18 month hiatus from commercial work and commissions to make the work for this first -of
two- major solo gallery shows. Living off book royalites, advances, and sales of older work, Dave has spent the past
year and a half working like a demented monk, devoutly making as many perverse and comical paintings and
drawings as possible. It's been an intense period of growth and discovery, and he's deliriously impatient to have the
work seen- and to see it being seen; Dave will be at the artist's reception on the 6th, and will gladly sign copies of
his new book "Underbelly".

Dave lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and 2-yr old son.

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