Carrie Ann Baade
Exhibition: June 13 - July 4, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 13th, 7-10 pm

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The Bride Stripping the Bachelors Bare
16" x 20" (23" x 27" framed)
Oil on Panel

A woman's meaning and significance alter as she goes from being a maiden to a wife. The alchemical state of being a "bride" is one that bestows social status and respectability. This process of bride transforms her status to herself, her husband, her family, and the community. If a woman moves outside of what is considered to be decent, be she maiden or wife, she will be judged.

Symbols from both "The Scarlet Letter" and the Decameron's "Isabel and the Pot of Basil" are found in this painting to suggest the fall from grace and shame associated with the subterranean caverns of female lust. "The Bride Stripping Her Bachelors Bare" is a remix of Marcel DuChamp's "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even." His sculpture by this title was a humorous, abstract metaphor for the "Interaction of female and male desire."