Carrie Ann Baade
Exhibition: June 13 - July 4, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 13th, 7-10 pm

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The Devil Is In the Details 6 of 6:
Girl Oroboros As the Corruption of Innocence
11" x 15" (16" x 20" framed)
Gouache and ink mixed media on paper

This series of six drawings was inspired by "marginalia." This is the term for the drawings and flourishes in medieval-illuminated manuscripts. I love looking closely at these odd doodles by monks. All things perverse and pagan could be sublimated into a beautiful pattern work rich with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic forms lurking within. This is my contribution to this old form. I enjoy unhinging my mind and seeing what peculiar thing I can invent when I let go of a plan.

This painting makes me uncomfortable! Reminiscent of Balthus, a little girl sits in a chair, however, she is imitating the "Oroboros," a symbol of a snake eating it's own tail. This powerful alchemical symbol has been used for thousands of years to symbolize self-regeneration and immortality. However, when a child "eats herself" it is the destruction of youth and the corruption of innocence as might befall one of tender years after their introduction to carnal knowledge.