Carrie Ann Baade
Exhibition: June 13 - July 4, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 13th, 7-10 pm

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Queen Bitch
24" x 30" (30" x 36" framed)
Oil on panel

This idea was born (through shrieks of my own laughter) from the vision of a woman wearing a codpiece! Being a woman in power usually earns her the title, "bitch." There is no male equivalent that is so dismissing and negative. Long obsessed with the biographies of the powerful, I am interested in tier stories, their journeys, what they do to stay, and their fall. In this painting, I have created a bejeweled and bloodthirsty queen made androgynous by her choice of adornment: an enormous prosthetic phallus. I like the idea that this is a woman who is not afraid to wear the aggressive gear of male potency, but I also do not shy away from the original connotation from Bowie's masterpiece of transvestite prostitutes.